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ISD Corporation, a supporter of national sports, is a multi-year reliable sponsor of ISD sports club engaged in trap-shooting, shooting, cycling, weight-lifting, swimming, chess, wheel-fencing and motor sports.

ISD gives extensive support to popular sports and children's sports.

Currently ISD sports club is a leading multi-field sports club in Ukraine. The club boasts of having the best acting Ukrainian sportsmen in seven kinds of sports. Our priorities are cycling, weightlifting, trapshooting and shooting. ISD sports club’s budget for these kinds of sports exceeds the budget of the Ukrainian Ministry of sports.

There are 6 Olympic champions, five world champions, the holders of many European cups, including juniors among the members of our club.

Our company supports current and future champions, organizes competitions of national and European levels; European cup contests in trap-shooting and road cycling are among the most significant of them.

The limelight event of 2008 was the creation of the first professional continental ISD cycling team which includes celebrated Ukrainian and Italian sportsmen.

The team performs in prestigious cycling races under the colours of Ukraine. It competes with celebrated rivals on equal footing.

ISD sports club supports socially-oriented programs, aimed to help children, handicapped people and sports veterans. The club holds competitions among handicapped children and supports a unique series of tennis tournaments for youth and children.

In Olympic season of 2005-2008 ISD sports club has developed six Olympic and Paralympic kinds of sports. 11 sportsmen from ISD sports club have participated in the Olympic Games in Beijing and two more — in Paralympic games.

ISD sports club has won 6 medals in Olympic Games. The medal winners are:

  • Lesya Kalitovskaya, a bronze medal holder in track cycling;
  • Yuri Sukhorukov, a silver medal holder in trap shooting;
  • Olga Korobka, a silver medal holder in heavy lifting.

Victor Smirnov, a celebrated Ukrainian swimmer has won three bronze medals for ISD sports club.

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