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ISD Corporation sets a priority on supporting football. Donetsk Metallurh, a highly promising football team sincerely supported by its fans, is sponsored by ISD Corporation. «Metallurh» (Donetsk) was founded on June 17th 1996.

The club’s colours are blue and white.
Mr Sergey Taruta is the team’s president.
The general director is Yevgeniy Gaiduk.
Sergey Tashuev is the team’s head coach.

«Metallurh» (Donetsk) has been playing in the highest league of the Championship of Ukraine since 1997–1998 season.

Among Metallurh football club's highest achievements are:

A bronze medal in the championship of Ukraine (2001–2002, 2002–2003 and 2004–2005 seasons), participation in the semi-final of Ukraine’s Cup competition (1997–1998, 2001–2002 and 2007–2008 seasons).

The breakthrough victory:

«Metallurh» had gained a breakthrough victory in a number of matches: the championship of Ukraine — 5:0, in matches  «Metallurh» (Donetsk) — «Metallist» (Kharkiv), «Metallurh» (Donetsk) — «Zakarpatye» (Uzhgorod), «Metallurh» (Donetsk) — «Stal» (Alchevsk).

The match «Metallurh» (Donetsk) — OLKOM (Melitopol) of Ukraine’s cup competition has ended in 5:1.

Sergey Shishchenko, the best shooter in the club’s history (34 goals) played in the majority of club's matches (154 matches).

The record-breaker of the season is Georgiy Demetradze (18 goals in 2003-2004 seasons)

«Metallurh» players were recognized to be best shooters in the championship of the country. In 2002 Sergey Shishchenko and Georgiy Demetradze scored 12 and 18 goals correspondingly.

«Metallurh» (Donetsk) is an active participant of European cup tournaments. It played in 12 matches of UEFA cup tournaments.

A number of «Metallurh» footballers played for the national team of Ukraine, namely Sergey Shishchenko, Alexander Zotov, Sergey Zakarlyuka, Sergey Tkachenko and Vyacheslav Checher).

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