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In December 2008 ISD professional cycling team was created under the auspices of ISD Corporation. The creation of a professional team of the international level is an unprecedented event for Ukrainian sport.

The team made a bright start, having performed in Jiro d' Italia, a largest multi-day cycling race, where it joined the elite of the world cycling sports and competed with the best world teams head-to-head.

ISD team is registered in the international union of cyclists in the professional continental division.

The team consists of 18 racers and about 20 managers and operating personnel. Mario Chipollini, a world champion, the winner of 42 stages of Jiro d’Italia is one of them.

Mr Vitaliy A. Kovalchuk, the first deputy of the director general of ISD Corporation is the general manager of the team.

ISD Corporation is the team’s title sponsor. Cycling& SRL is the Italian partner of the team.

Reaching top ten of world professional teams is the team’s goal.

ISD professional continental team is represented by the following people:


  • Jovanni Visconti (Italy)
  • Andrey Grivko (Ukraine)
  • Denis Kostyuk (Ukraine)
  • Dari Choni (Italy)
  • Dmitry Grabovskiy (Ukraine)
  • Leonardo Scasrcelli (Italy)
  • Igor Abakumov (Belgium)
  • Vladimir Dudya (Ukraine)
  • Maxim Belkov (Russia)
  • Alexander Kvachuk (Ukraine)
  • Vitaliy Kondrut (Ukraine)
  • Dmitry Krivtsov (Ukraine)
  • Sergey Matveyev (Ukraine)
  • Dzhanluka Mirenda (Italy)
  • Alessandro Proni (Italy)
  • Bartozhsh Huzarsky (Poland)
  • Oscar Gatto (Italy)
  • Ruslan Podgorny (Ukraine)
  • Zhan Stannard (Great Britain)
  • David Ricci Bitti (Italy)
  • Emmanuel Vona (Italy)
  • Christian Benenaty (Italy)


  • Vitaliy Kovalchuk (Ukraine)
    general manager
  • Angelo Citracca (Italy)
    general manager
  • Mark Beygelzimer (Ukraine)
    general manager
  • Nikolay Myrza (Ukraine)
  • Mario Cipollini (Italy)
    PR manager
  • Luca Shinto (Italy)

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