Water Recycling

Water Recycling

In the process of steel production 70% of water is used for the purpose of freezing. Our goal is to reduce the volumes of clean water usage and increase its recurrent usage. The most demonstrative is the experience of Alchevsk metallurgical plant which capacities produce 40% from the general volume of ISD production. AMK example shows that due to the modernization of production processes, among which is the introduction of the technology of pulvarized coal injection, decommissioning of bloomings, substitution of 100% water recycling in the unit of continuous casting, active usage of water recycling at rolling mills — some positive effects for water environment are obtained:

  • Maximum reduction of the volume of sewage.
  • Water quality improvement.
  • Increasing the volumes of water regeneration and recycling in other processes.

The graph demonstrates a double growth of production since 2004 — proportionally the growth of sewage should have increased. However, due to production modernization and implementation of modern ecological technologies at AMK, namely recycling systems, the specific discharge of effluents considerably decreases.

The program of saving water resources and water treatment results in the following:

  • Reducing the discharge of effluents.
  • Improving the quality of water.
  • Reducing plant's water consumption.

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