Solid Waste Recycling

Solid Waste Recycling

We learn not only to earn money but we count it. ISD Corporation pays special attention to qualitative recycling of the solid waste of production, including production residual which had appeared within many years of the plant’s activity.

There are 128 types of waste at Alchevsk steel plant. There appeared over 4 thousand tons of it. The application of modern methods of waste’s disposal and recycling allows utilizing 4887 thousand tons of waste annually with the subsequent increase of the indicator which allows disposing the stores accumulated within many years of the plant’s work.

A very important task is economizing the resources, namely energy, water and soil resources.

AMK projects Projected effects
The construction of a continuous casting complex Leads to reducing the production waste by 266.6 thousand tons annually
The construction of the oxygen converter shop and the decommissioning of an open-hearth plant Leads to reducing the waste by 1018 thousand tons annually
The construction of a sinter plant complex with covered sources of dust emission It will allow stopping unorganized emissions of solid and vapory polluting substances of the plant by 69% or by 170 thousand tons of vapory polluting substances and 1 million of solid substances annually

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