Environment Activity Principles

Environment Activity Principles

  • Designing and introducing the production technologies with the goal to minimize the negative influence on the environment.
  • Removal from operation of polluting chains of production.
  • The production of ecologically friendly products.
  • Continuous improvement of ecological indicators, regular ecological monitoring, removing the factors of environment pollution.
  • Observing national legislation and international standards in the field of environment protection.
  • Effective usage of natural resources and energy.
  • Controlling and reducing the volumes of CO emissions in steel production process.
  • Introducing the system of ecological control and ISO 14000 certification.
  • Introducing the international standard OHSAS 18000 to design the system of controlling health and security of staff.
  • Collaboration with local communities in the cities of presence, also with the goal to improve the environmental situation.

The Certification according to the international standards of environment and labor protection.

ISD plants AMK, DMKD and Alchevsk Coke Plant will pass the certification according to the international standards:

  • ISO 14000, environmental management. The main goal is to reduce the influence on the environment to minimize the damage and risk of the plant's responsibility appearance. In world practice the environmental management is viewed exceptionally as a voluntarily applied instrument of reducing the anthropogenic influence on the environment.
  • OHSAS 18000 is the system of labour protection and industrial safety management. The standard sets the requirements enabling to develop and implement the policy and goals taking into account legislative requirements and information about the security and labour protection risks at the plant.

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