Energy Efficiency

Key Energy Efficiency Solutions

Throughout its vast modernization program ISD Corporation focuses on energy efficiency aspects to reduce excessive gas consumption. Striving to implement environmentally sound practices we have been developing the following projects:

Combined cycle power plant

The power plant of combined cycle at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant (AMK) will allow generating 450 megawatt of electric power per hour due to the usage of coke, blast furnace and converter gases as fuel.

The plant will provide cheap electric power for AMK and the nearby Alchevskkoks (Alchevsk Coking Plant), utilizing the gases of metallurgical production and reducing emissions of harmful substances and heat into the atmosphere.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries provides technical support for the project.

Another ISD plant DMKD plans to commission the similar power station by 2014.

The station of pulverized coal

The application of the modern technology of pulverized coal injection at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant allows producing cast iron without the usage of expensive natural gas. Natural gas consumption has been reduced from 80 to 20 m³/t of cast iron while injecting pulverized coal (85 kg/t).

This technology is to be implemented at DMKD with engineering solutions now being introduced. 

The complex of continuous casting of steel

AMK’s continuous casting complex with the capacity over 5 mln. slabs a year provides for the double reduction in fuel needs.

DMKD has recently launched the complex of continuous casting of steel №1 and complex №3 will soon be launched.

The construction of an oxygen-converter plant

The oxygen-converter plant at AMK includes 2 converters with the capacity of 300 t, the annual productivity 5.2 mln t of steel. The basic equipment delivered by Siemens VAI guarantees high efficiency of steelmaking due to the application of modern design concepts and technological decisions. The commissioning of the oxygen converter plant provides for increasing steel production at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, considerably reducing natural gas consumption.

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