Olympics-2012: A sportsman from ISD sports club has won a bronze medal


On July 30 2012 during XXX Olympiad in London Julia Kalina, a 23 year-old sportsman from ISD sports club has won a bronze medal in weightlifting, 58 kg category.

Julia Kalina has won the second medal for the national team of Ukraine and the first one for Donetsk Region. Julia Kalina’s coach is Vitaly Shvedov, the head coach of the women’s national team in weightlifting is Denis Gotfried.  

J.Kalina’s result (snatch) is 235 kg. A sportsman from Thailand Pimsiri Sirikaeu who has taken a silver medal has passed ahead with only 1 kg, her result is 236 kg. The Olympic champion is Lee Suein from China with 246 kg.  

It’s debut Olympics for Julia Kalina. She has gained numerous titles before the Olympic Games. In 2009 she became a bronze medalist of the World Championship and a silver medalist of a European Championship. Julia has been a European champion twice – among juniors (U-20) in 2008 and youth (U-23) in 2010.

- Julia hasn’t fulfilled all her potential yet. There are vast opportunities for her ahead. I’m sure Julia Kalina can accomplish much within the next four years. The sportsman hasn’t fully fulfilled her capabilities and I reckon that such an experienced coach as Vitaly Shvedov will pay all the efforts to realize the potential of the weightlifter, said Alexander Dovgich, who is a chief coach of the national team in weightlifting and an Honoured coach of Ukraine.

During the Summer Olympic Games in London ISD sports club is represented by 10 sportsmen in 6 disciplines

11 sportsmen from a culture and sports centre of DMKD called Dzerzhinka participate in London Olympic Games. 

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