Optimizing staff at DMKD


In view of the information that has appeared in mass media about staff reduction at Dneprovkiy Dzerzhinskiy Iron and Steel Works by reference to an order № 1090 dated by 24.11.2011 “About stating the limit of employee number of structural units, ISD Corporation deems it necessary to make the following announcement.

Currently the optimizing of the number of employees is being implemented at DMKD and the staff number should meet actual figures. The key goal of the given initiative is the increase of the mill’s operational efficiency. Order № 1090 initiates the receipt of the information about the possibilities of reorganizing structural units with an aim to unite, reverse, withdraw from the structure of the works but it’s by no means an order about the reduction of the staff.    

Optimizing the number of employees and the divestiture of auxiliary functions out of the structure is an international practice in steel industry. It enables the plant to carry out its core activity, as for auxiliary functions they are assigned to third parties or servicing subsidiary companies.  

The optimizing process at DMKD will cover the reduction of a number of administrative vacancies and workers of retirement age who will receive the redemption of all sums specified in the collective labour agreement. Furthermore the number of reduced vacancies is not 1600 as it has been mentioned by some mass media sources. The figure will be twice as less as a minimum. The optimizing is to be implemented within a year with due consideration of the comments from the directors of the lines of activity, chief specialists, heads of structural units. 

Optimizing the number of employees of DMKD will be carried out in strict compliance with the labour code meeting all the norms and terms. In case the decision is taken about the reduction of a staff unit, the worker will have the possibility and time to be transferred to another structural unit or a subsidiary, or he can have additional training to work in a new shop.

Being the most important plant in the town, DMKD renders a substantial social support to Dneprodzerzhinsk on an annual basis. Year by year the sum of social investments exceeds the sum of the previous year and the sphere of support broadens regularly. So in 2011 about UAH 70 mln were allocated for social programs in the field of sports, healthcare, culture, education and aid to orphan children. In 2012 the social initiatives of the plant aimed at improving the welfare of the city will make over UAH 100 mln. DMKD values its reputation of a socially oriented enterprise working for the benefit of its residents and always takes into account the interests of its employees.   

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