DMKD fire brigade has taken part in saving dozens of lives in Dneprodzerzhinsk


ISD Corporation has taken a decision to reward fire-fighters of the fire-brigade from Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant composed of 7 people for an unprecedented courage and instant readiness to render assistance. 

On the 24 of June at 3:35 in Dneprodzerzhinsk in the second entrance hall of an apartment house №4 in Syrtsov Street there was an explosion and an instant combustion of the entire entrance hall. According to a preliminary version an explosion happened due to the chemical experiments of a resident of an apartment №18b, Alexander Panasenko, a PhD in Chemistry. The chemist has died in hospital. Seven people have been hospitalized in the result of an explosion; four people have been rendered aid on-site. One person has died because of carbon monoxide. Twenty five people have been evacuated. The fire was localized at 4:25.  

One of the first people to have arrived to the place of an accident had been the fire-fighters from the fire department GPCH-35, situated on the territory of DMKD.  

According to the chief of the department Yuri Kucher, his subordinates worked jointly with the representatives of other fire teams and were localizing the fire. ZiL, a special car belonging to DMKD brigade, ensured the supply of water for the fire-fighters. Besides, the fire-fighters of GPCH-35 have participated in the evacuation of people from the house. Kucher has remarked that the equipment and personnel have worked perfectly and were highly assessed by Gennady Temnik, Deputy Head of Dnepropetrovsk Regional State administration. Kucher has underlined that GPCH-35 has done everything needed to liquidate the most serious emergencies.  

DMKD renders aid in performing the recovery works on the territory of the dwelling house. Il’ya Buga, the Director General of DMKD plant has given instructions to send a tower to the house equipped with a special cradle to lift the workers. Currently this special car is used for felling trees. OAO Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant keeps up its traditions and supports people in tight situations.    

We remember and commemorate!
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