DMKD has mastered the production of billets (150 mm & 200 mm) at its new continuous casting machine


In February Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant (Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk Region) has produced 69.3 thousand tons of billets in the setup and mastering regime, the planned task being 25 thousand tons.

The production of square billets of 150 mm and billets of 200 mm with the application of environmentally friendly technology of stopper-free teeming had been mastered within a month at the continuous casting machine №3. The quantity of meltings at the Continuous Casting Machine №3 in February was 16.3 on the average, the average duration of a series being 24 hours.

All-in-all in February 200.2 thousand tons of continuously cast billets have been produced at DMKD, the marketable billets made 124.2 thousand tons. Among other things the continuous casting machine №3 with the project capacity of 1.4 mln tons of billets annually was brought into industrial operation in the end of January 2011. 

Three continuous casting machines, namely continuous casting machine №1 (its annual productivity is 1.4-1.7 mln tons), continuous casting machine №2 (its annual productivity is up to 0.7 mln tons) and continuous casting machine №3 (its annual productivity is 1.4-1.7 mln tons) can be operated simultaneously, the continuous casting machine №3 having been brought into operation. Therefore the productivity of the department of continuous casting of steel can reach 3.5-4.1 mln tons annually. The maximum production of the converter shop in the conditions of the operation of two converters and a ladle-furnace unit can reach 4.2 mln t/annually.

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