Pulverized coal as an alternative for gas


Steel industry is one of the most power-intensive branches, particularly in terms of natural gas and coke consumption. Both can be substituted for domestically produced coal, namely pulverized coal.

In 2009 the facility of pulverized coal injection was brought into operation at blast furnaces № 1 & 5 at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant in Alchevsk, Luhansk Region. Currently the facilities of pulverized coal injection are being developed for blast furnaces № 3 & 4.

The pulverized coal injection facility is being designed for blast furnaces at Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant. The mixtures of different coal grades are used for pulverized coal preparation.

The injection of 170-200 kg of pulverized coal per one ton of cast iron into blast furnaces excludes natural gas usage and reduces the consumption of coke by 80-120 kg per 1 t of cast iron.

The annual production output of pulverized coal at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant is 1553 thous. t. Eighty five workers and technicians run the facility. The injection of pulverized coal into blast furnaces of the plant guarantees annual economizing of 607.5 thous. t of coke and 784.8 cubic meters of natural gas.

Taking into consideration the utilization of pulverized coal, the total annual saving of energy resources is 241.3 thous. t of equivalent fuel. The conservation of resources (coke and natural gas) due to the facility usage in iron production process amounts to 241.3 thous. t of equivalent fuel annually.

Victor Sizontov
Government paper Uryadovy Kuryer
2009.11.03 00:42

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