Today Siemens is not the same it was yesterday


Excerpts from the interview with Peter Lesher, the President of Siemens AG.

— Has Siemens implemented any ‘green’ projects in Ukraine?

— Regardless of the crisis Ukraine is considered to be one of the leading world steel producers. It has good strategic location in terms of the access to raw materials and skilled labour. At the same time the level of production efficiency and environment protection has much to be desired since the majority of plants have been built more than 100 years ago.

Siemens is the only supplier of technological process designs including the integral chain of steel and iron production. It’s the largest supplier of automation decisions for steel industry. Siemens is interested in Ukrainian market. Our technological solutions can contribute to improving the standing of Ukraine on the world market. In order to become closer to potential customers Siemens opened a regional bureau in Donetsk. We’re moderately optimistic about the current crisis in steel industry and are not going to close up our business in this industrial region.

As for our green projects, currently we are constructing an ultra modern and highly efficient blast furnace at Yenakievo metallurgical plant. We participate in the implementation of one of the most large-scale projects aimed at the modernization of Alchevsk metallurgical plant. It’s practically a newly built mill which nowadays is considered to be one of the most up-to-date steel plants of Ukraine in terms of the production efficiency, steel quality and the reduction of emissions.

The full text of the interview

Written by Irina Chernyavskaya
Source: Investgazeta

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A number of energy efficient activities are being held at the enterprises of the Ministry of Industrial Policy


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