History of ISD-Dunaferr

ISD Dunaferr is a successor to the Danube Metallurgical Plant founded in 1950.

Efficient technologies and expansion of production during 1960s–1980s had turned the plant into a leading steel-producer in Hungary. Its products were intensively used in machine-building industry, namely at Ikarus and Raba enterprises, in the construction of oil and gas pipes systems (oil pipeline Druzhba) and in light steel constructions.


In the middle of 1970s two units of continuous casting of steel were brought into operation at Dunaferr Steel Mill.

In the beginning of 1980s a progressive oxygen converter production was launched at the plant. Gradually open-hearth process was curtailed and terminated completely in 1992.

In 1989 for the first time in Central Europe the equipment for rolling strips with the usage of coil-boxes was constructed.

Dunaferr Steel Mill, being a leader of steel industry in Hungary, gained the Associated Membership in Eurofer, a European Confederation of Iron and Steel producers in 1995.

In 2004 ISD Corporation became the key owner and investor of Dunaferr plant.

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