Reconstruction of DMKD

ISD Corporation technical experts jointly with Giprostal Research and Design Institute (Kharkov) and foreign corporate partners, namely Duferco (Switzerland), Siemens VAI (Austria) and Danieli (Italy) have engineered a technical project of DMKD’s modernization and reconstruction.

It’s an unprecedented program aimed to modernize the plant in conditions of acting production without its suspension and reduction.


Between 2005 and 2006 the plant’s equipment was heavily overhauled. Two converters were modernized, some service equipment, including vessel shells and a refrigerating unit, was replaced.

In 2007 two converters were fitted with modern equipment which allowed improving steel quality and converters productivity. The commissioning of a new modernized blast furnace №1 with the annual production capacity of 1 million tons of cast iron led to considerable production upgrade.

The aspiration systems brought into operation at the blast furnace №1M allowed decreasing annual polluting substances (dust) emissions into the atmosphere by 1300 tons.

The same year a new air-distributing unit (oxygen bloc) -40/35-4 was put into operation.

In August 2008 a 7-strand continuous casting unit with the productivity of 1.7 million tons of billets was given a hot start up. It resulted in more efficient metal production.

DMKD's Modernization Details

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