History of DMKD

A historical event when the first blast furnace was blown in at DMKD plant occurred on March 2 1889. That year coke furnaces, the second blast furnace, an open-hearth furnace, puddling, steel-rolling, iron-rolling and sheet mills were gradually put into operation.

By the beginning of XX century the plant has become the largest steel works in the South of the country due to its production rates and a rich product portfolio including 30 items.


In late twenties the mill focused on improving its production technologies. An advanced reconstruction project was engineered by I. Bardin, an outstanding metallurgist who worked at DMKD and became the vice-president of the USSR Academy of Sciences afterwards.

Plant’s focus on improving steel-making process and technologies was rewarded in 1940 when DMKD was recognized to be the best metallurgical plant in USSR regarding its technical development and production level.

The breakthrough came in 1975 when a unique mill of helical rolling «250» was put into operation. Dneprovskiy plant started the production of rolled billet section for railway transport axes (carriage and locomotive).

In 1982 the commissioning of a new oxygen converter shop has changed the whole steel-making process drastically.

A new stage in the plant’s development started in 1995 when two blooming 6-strand continuous casting units were brought into operation. There is no similar equipment in Ukraine in terms of structural and functional specifications.

In December 2003 ISD Corporation won the competitive tender for the sale of 98.8 % of enterprise’s shares which had been publicly owned before.

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