Dneprovskiy Metallurgical Plant is a leading steel producer in Ukrainian industry.

Founded 120 years ago, the works has a long history of achievements. Today DMKD is among six major steel mills in the country according to its production volume and sales of steel products.

DMKD plant is located in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine. Over 17 thousand people work there. Maxim Zavgorodny is the Director General of DMKD.

The plant’s facilities include a number of shops: a sintering plant, a blast furnace shop, a converter shop and four rolling mills, namely: a new rolling mill, a structural mill, a bar-rolling mill and an axial rolling shop.

Dneprovskiy steel works specializes in the production of a large and medium structural shape of general and special purpose and hollow billets for the manufacturing of oil and gas pipes.

DMKD is the only plant in Ukraine producing sheet pilings of Larsen type used in construction and hydraulic structures, conduct rails for underground railway systems and strips for electrolyzers applied at aluminum plants. DMKD mill is an exclusive producer in the world of rolled axial section shapes for railway transport, the product which is mainly sold in the North American market.

Dneprovskiy Dzerzhinskiy Metallurgical Plant
Address: Ukraine 51902 Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk Region, Kirov Str. 18B
Fax: +38 (056) 923-30-49, +38 (056) 953-16-36, +38 (056) 953-18-68

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