Reconstruction of AMK

Technical experts from AMK and ISD had designed a comprehensive program of AMK technical modernization. The program launched in 2004 was aimed at intensive remodeling of the plant. Actually it was the construction of a new mill at the existing industrial site.


The reconstruction program included a number of objects, namely the construction of a continuous casting complex with a ladle-furnace unit, a vacuum vessel, a two converter shop complex, construction of lime kilns, general overhaul with the reconstruction of a blast furnace №1 with the capacity of 3000 m³, rebuilding of blast furnaces №3,4,5, the construction of a new blast furnace with the capacity of 4300 m³ and consequent transition of furnaces to coal injection, reconstruction of an oxygen bloc № 4 and the construction of two air separation plants KAAP-60 №7 and №8, the reconstruction of the mill 2800 with the increase of its productivity and range of products, the construction of electro-generating units, transport infrastructure and supporting facilities.

AMK's Modernization Details

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