History of AMK

The mill’s production started on May 26, 1896 when the first blast furnace was blown in.

In the decades that followed the plant experienced a steady growth which led to achieving in 1913 the highest production level possible in the conditions of that time. AMK mill produced 217 thousand tons of iron, 251 thousand tons of steel, 210 thousand tons of long and short products.

In late 1920s — early 1930s the reconstruction of the plant was launched. Two new mechanized blast furnaces with the capacity of 930 m³ each, a gas cleaning system and other objects were constructed within several years. A coke chemical plant was built in the immediate vicinity to the steel mill.


In 1952 two first high-tonnage open-hearth furnaces in the then USSR manufactured steel at AMK. In several months the mill «2250» went into operation. Between 1952 and 1955 a high-duty blast furnace, three new open-hearth furnaces, heavy-duty blooming and slabbing mills, a plate mill «2800» started their work. In the beginning of 1960s a sintering plant including 6 sintering machines was brought into operation at AMK.

In subsequent years a number of mills were commissioned at the plant, namely a semi-continuous heavy mill «600», a blast furnace №1 with the capacity of 3000 m³, a double-hearth furnace, a steel shot shop, a two-ply steel shop, a ball mill, a straight-line steel-making vessel and a number of service shops.

Alchevsk steel mill had produced 100 million tons of iron and 100 million tons of steel by the beginning of 1980s. It had founded 1 million tons of converter steel by 2008.

Since 2002 ISD Corporation is AMK majority shareholder.

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