Reconstruction of Alchevsk Coking Plant

Since April 2004 jointly with ISD, a large investment program was launched at the plant, namely the construction of coke battery №10-bis, which cost and volumes by far exceed all previous modernization programs.

GIPROKOKS, a State Institute for Coke Plant Design developed the project of the complex, the general contractor of which is Azovintex.


The manufacturing practice of a new coke battery 10-bis is unique since it’s the first time that on the territory of CIS countries the advanced technology of rammed batch and dry slaking is utilized which enables preparing coke on a dry slaking unit without the usage of expensive coals of K grade. Two blocs including 113 furnaces (bloc A — 52 furnaces, bloc B — 61 furnaces) function at coke battery 10-bis.

Alchevskkoks' Modernization Details

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