History of Alchevsk Coking Plant

The production at Alchevsk Coking Plant was launched in 1929. At that time 4 coke oven batteries and main production departments were operating at the plant.


In the decades that followed the plant was reorganized three times and by 1962 twelve coke oven batteries with the annual production capacity of 4950 thousand tons of bulk coke (6% moisture content) worked at the plant. Between 1981–1995, due to the furnaces' fund ageing significant restructuring occurred. Gradually, all outdated batteries were taken out of operation.

The middle of 1980s brought decisive changes to the plant's operations when four coke oven batteries with an estimated annual capacity of 1820 tons of coke were rebuilt. In 1993 coke battery 9-bis was commissioned, where a unique licensed technology of rammed batch and dry slaking with an estimated project capacity of 1 million tons of bulk coke was introduced.

Up to the present it is the only coke battery utilizing the advanced technique on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.

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