Modernization at ISD–Dunaferr

Modernization at ISD–Dunaferr


A blast furnace costing 10 000 000 € was reconstructed.


A new program was started aimed to restore the environment. The project costing 1 billion forints was financed by the EU Regional Development fund. ISD-Dunaferr is recultivating the previously polluted soil and underground waters on the territory of DBK Kokszoló within the framework of the project.

A part of a coke battery №3 was reconstructed.


The first stage of considerable investment in a hot-rolling shop has been started aimed to expand production capacities.

The production in the hot-rolling shop has been resumed after the reconstruction of continuous furnaces. A large-scale reconstruction of practically all technological line in Lorinzi hot-rolling shop was carried out. Its cost was about 2 billion forints.


The equipment was delivered in a cold-rolling shop. An acid pickling line with the annual capacity of 1.6 million tons was introduced. Acid recovery area necessary for a pickling line was constructed. 1700-mm bidirectional four-rolling mill with the annual capacity of 450 000 t was brought into operation. The equipment for transporting hot-rolled coils was fitted and a store for hot-rolled coils was constructed.


The largest project of restoring soil on the territory of a coke chemical plant had been concluded.

The electrostatic dust collecting equipment (an industrial electric filter) at the site of preparing and bucking referring to the technology of a blast furnace shop has been solemnly accepted.

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