Modernization at DMKD

Modernization at DMKD

The reconstruction of a converter plant with the construction of a «ladle-furnace» facility №1

The commissioning of a ladle-furnace facility was carried out. It is one of the newest facilities for the out of furnace processing of steel allowing successful performing of a number of technological operations such as getting the required chemical content and temperature of steel, broadening of steel grades cast at the continuous casting machine as well as increasing the quality and competitiveness of metal products due to improving steel purity in terms of the presence of residual elements, gases and non-metallic inclusions.

Due to the transporting of a number of technological steel — working operations from the converter to the ladle-furnace equipment the duration of a steel-making process is reduced. Besides, the converter’s productivity is increased.

The project is to be completed soon. The equipment of a ladle-furnace facility delivered by Voest Alpine (Austria) for the out of furnace working of steel in steel-ladles of 250-tons capacity is installed at the industrial site. The construction of additional energy objects is about to be completed.


The construction of a continuous casting machine №1 with the construction of a ladle furnace facility №2

The commissioning of a new seven-stranded continuous casting machine with the productivity of 1.7 mln t of billets and round bar (130–210 mm) will provide a bar-rolling shop with cast bar avoiding the re-rolling of ingots at the blooming machine which will reduce metal consumption in a rolling technology and the operating costs in the rolling process.

The basic equipment of the continuous casting machine №1,3 and a ladle-furnace facility was delivered by VAI Pomini (Austria).

The complex of the reconstruction of a section-rolling shop

In near-term prospect the reconstruction and construction works to install medium-grade reinforcing mill 400/200 and the reinforcing and wire mill 200 with the total capacity of 1800-1950 thous/ t of rolled section and structural shapes, fittings and rod are planned. There are two stages of the project’s implementation:

  • First stage: the construction of a heating machine, rough and intermediary groups of stands (common for two mills), finishing profile and coiling lines (the general production capacity is 1.2 mln t) while the mill 350 is in operation;
  • Second stage: the construction of the second heating machine, second rough and intermediary group of stands aimed to ensure an off-line operation of two mills — 400/200 and 200, the adjustage equipment of the mill 400/200 (with the demounting of the equipment belonging to the mill 350).

The metal roll is produced from continuously cast billet 160×160 mm at continuous casting machine №1. The basic processing equipment was delivered by Danieli, (Italy). The reconstruction allows increasing the volumes of metal roll production from 0.7 mln t (the production capacity of the existing mill 350) up to 1.8–1.95 mln t/annually (mills 400/200 and 200), the reduction of specific metal consumption from 1.04 to 1.03 in a rod production process, broadening the range of rolled products, improving the quality and increasing the competitiveness. The construction of two heating machines will provide for the decrease of the emissions of polluting substances down to 47.3 t/annually.

BF №1-m was brought into operation. The oxygen bloc AKAp-40 was commissioned.

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