Modernization at AMK

Modernization at AMK

The complex of continuous casting of steel

The complex of continuous casting of steel was constructed. It consists of two continuous casting machines with the general annual capacity of 5 million tons of continuously cast slabs, a ladle-furnace facility and a vacuumator. The engineering works and the equipment for the complex were delivered by Siemens VAI and VAI Fuchs (Austria). Bringing the complex into service improved produced steel grades and the quality of slabs, at the same time reducing metal consumption per 1 t of slabs.

The construction of an oxygen-converter plant

The engineering and the equipment were delivered by Siemens VAI (Austria). The oxygen-converter plant includes the equipment of two converters with the capacity of 300 t and the annual productivity of 5.2 mln t of steel. The basic equipment delivered by Siemens VAI guarantees high efficiency of steelmaking due to the application of modern design concepts and technological decisions. The commissioning of the oxygen converter plant provides for increasing steel production at Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, gradual bringing out of operation of open-hearth furnaces and considerably reducing natural gas consumption.


The construction of an oxygen-converter station №3

A new oxygen station was constructed to satisfy the needs in oxygen, nitrogen and argon due to the increased volumes of iron and steel production as a result of blast furnaces reconstruction and bringing the oxygen converter plant into operation.The equipment was delivered by Air Liquide (France). Two oxygen blocs -60 with the oxygen productivity of 60 thous. m³/h each will be constructed within the framework of the project.

The construction of an electric power plant of a combined cycle

AMK has concluded a contract with Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) for the delivery of the electric power plant of a combined cycle including three gas-turbine facilities with the general capacity of 454 megawatt. A low-calorie mixture of blast-furnace, coke and converter gases is used as fuel. The electric power plant will generate up to 3 bln kilowatt/h of electric energy annually. The volume of the electric energy will completely satisfy the plant’s needs as well as the needs of Alchevsk Coking Plant. The facility will work without the consumption of natural gas. Moreover, a new electric power plant will ensure the decrease of AMK’s harmful emissions into the atmosphere by more than twice.

The construction of a blast furnace №2

A new blast furnace №2 will be constructed in a near-term outlook. The volume of a new furnace is 4450 m³. The daily capacity is 9 thousand tons of iron.The blast furnace, second in its size in Ukraine working at 100% of pellets will be equipped with aspiration facilities of an under-hopper room and foundry fields, bell-less system of charging and nitrogen suppression of emissions.


The reconstruction of a plate mill №2 (mill 3000)

A new equipment of a plate mill 3000 produced by Novokramatorsk machine-building plant, Ukraine was installed within the framework of the project. It provides for the introduction of a modern rolling technology (intermediary cooling between roughing and finishing stands, accelerated cooling behind the finishing stand. A new complex of the mill’s reverse cycle water supply was built as well as a rolling and grinding department.

The mill’s annual production capacity has increased up to 1200 thous. tons as a result of the reconstruction program, the range of products manufactured with the application of a controlled rolling technology has been expanded (strips, ship steel grades, high-duty steel grades). A number of consumer qualities have been improved: flatness, gage variation and mechanical qualities. The mill’s metal consumption had been reduced by 5% on the average.

The complex of preparing and charging pulverized coal

According to the project the delivery and the commissioning of the facility for grinding, drying and injecting the pulverized coal into a blast furnace with the productivity of 70 t/h will be carried out. The commissioning of the complex will provide for the reduction of coke and natural gas consumption while producing iron with the prospect of excluding natural gas from the energy balance of a blast furnace shop.

The reconstruction of an oxygen bloc №4

A new oxygen bloc №4 was reconstructed; a new oxygen bloc produced by Kriogenmash (Russia) was installed. The productivity of a new bloc in terms of oxygen is 40 thous. m³/h (30 thous. m³/h of fluid technological oxygen and 10 thous. m³/h of low-pressure technical fluid oxygen). The commissioning of the oxygen bloc №4 compensated for the plant’s oxygen deficit.

The construction of lime kilns

The lime kiln complex is a high capacity facility with the deep roasting of raw material. The facility consists of two ring shaft furnaces with the daily capacity of 550 t of ready raw material each. Quick lime is necessary for converter steel production. The equipment of ring shaft kiln is produced by Polysius AG (Germany).

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