Modernization at Alchevsk Coking Plant

Modernization at Alchevsk Coking Plant

Since October 2003 Alchevsk Coking Plant jointly with ISD Corporation has started the implementation of a large investment project, namely the construction of a coke battery №10-bis. It’s the largest project which cost and volumes by far exceed all previous projects of reconstruction and technical modernization. The general designer of the complex is the state branch institute GIPROKOKS, Kharkiv, Ukraine. The general contractor is Azovintex.

Due to the construction of a coke battery №10-bis and the modernization of a number of objects, the plant reached a higher technical level of production. In August 2006 the battery produced the first coke.


High quality coke is manufactured from slowly coking coal concentrates in a rammed coal charge. The consumption of expensive quickly coking coals is reduced considerably.

The production of coke on a battery 10-bis combines rammed charge carbonization and dry quenching, the technologies which for the first time have been successfully combined in home and foreign coke chemical industry.

A number of innovative engineering solutions were implemented in the construction of coke battery №10-bis including the following ones:

  • The battery is composed of two blocs with 52 and 61 coking chambers correspondingly;
  • Two sets of two U-shaped gasholders with installed valve boxes were assembled;
  • Hydraulic downcomers were installed;
  • Pneumatic compression of the downcomers’ covers had been introduced;
  • Gas collecting candles for gas holders with the automatic gas discharge and its ignition from constant igniters were installed;
  • Electro mechanic inverting unit with the automatic system of blocking and signaling was constructed;
  • Forced feed of air to the tunnels was introduced;
  • The evacuation of spillage had been mechanized with the drag conveyor having two working regimes;
  • Coke facilities with mechanized labour intensive work are used for operating the battery;
  • The system of a smoke-free furnace charge and dust-free delivery of coke with air cleansing in bag filters;
  • The heaters of heating coking gas were brought outside the premises with the aim to increase security;
  • The evacuation of collected coking dust is effected with air conveyors and its discharge into a transport vehicle is carried out with humidification;
  • Technological operations on a dry quenching facility are performed in the automatic regime (programmed) with monitoring and the possibility of being modified by personnel;
  • Due to the usage of hot coke’s heat, the vapour of high parameters under the pressure 3.9 MPa and the temperature of overheating up to 440 is produced at the dry quenching facility;
  • An automatic control system over the technological processes and separate operations has been introduced;
  • A computer-aided system (Coke) of managing the technological processes has been implemented;
  • An automated management system «USTK» has been introduced.

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